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borderline feelings


I am bursting with excessive passion and nothing excites me

Pinpointing every emotion bleeding from my temporal lobes while fighting through the fog of dullness

There is no energy left in my body as I am crawling up the walls with anxious uncertainty

I feel nothing while I am feeling everything

Captivate as I evade, center of attention in the corner 

Heart exposed and full while the door is locked from the inside

indebted to those who love me with conviction that I am scorned

I am the true walking contradiction that has been contemplated for decades




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And so the mighty fall and I have fallen hard

Gravel between my fingers and dirt in my teeth

It takes so little to knock me down one thousand pegs to where I belong

My body thrives on self loathing, my bone marrow is genuine disdain

My heart pumps no blood, it survives on disgust alone

My skin is flimsy and easily penetrated, porous and thin 

It soaks up guilt and judgement til I am full and tight with self-deprecation 


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A masochist’s love song

I curse this volatile mind, one that finds bliss in lacerations of flesh

fabrications of my own dismembered body. this I dream

I find comfort in plasma, pouring from an open wound

I conjure images, belly slit, unfurling intestines, soft and warm in my palms

My body is a vessel, it’s privilege knows no bounds

But I am a masochist

and my pleasure lies in it’s demise


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I can’t write poetry before one am

Endless nights of eyes screwed shut

I obsess, I digress from my sleeping patterns

The beasts from my innocence are clearer to me now

revealing themselves as worry, doubt and instability

They gather around my bed, pulling at my hair, grasping for my eyes

They establish a stronghold in my body

They make my heart pound, thoughts race, pulse beat through my fragile skin

deep blue through pale 

Sleep won’t come easy for a while

I wrote this at two am while I battled my anxious mind. It seems every time I lay down it’s the same. Check the time, toss, turn, repeat. Then my brain starts moving and words start coming to a head. I drive myself up the proverbial wall if I don’t get the ideas out. They’re pretty at first, anxious to be out of the tangled mess I call a mind. They’re inpatient though, if I don’t work fast enough they turn to acid in my brain. Corroding the thought process, filling me with apprehension. So, as usual I am up by nine with coffee in hand waiting for my day to begin.  


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thoughts simple and complex are reverberating 

my skin is aching to be ripped to shreds

nervous energy pouring out of the seams 

my body can’t understand the calm nature of this world

body shakes, fingers tremble, pounding on my head


the word has no meaning, question it’s legitimacy 

pulling hair, grinding teeth, jaw aches


question it’s substance

break what you love, not a second thought or third or fourth


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Who Am I

I am the petulant screaming child

desperate for your attention and approval

I am clinging, clawing at your soul trying to bring it into my own

I am the volatile protector

cued in to every disparaging remark, ready to pounce with poison tongue

I am angry before I can think, I am unstable

I am a vacant hollow shell

made up of the precise organs, but no self to speak of

I am distracted, distant and lost


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