It’s been far too long

Hello all,

I have to start by apologizing for my extended absence. I became far too busy with graduate school and I let my creative side go by the wayside. I’m here because I want to get back into writing and most of all, I’d like to help.

I’m creating a new blog which I’d love for you guys to follow: crafting love

I understand if you don’t want to because I’m a big abandoning meany, but I’d like you to try! I won’t be deleting this blog because it has and does mean so much to me. I worked out so many issues on here and was able to express myself in ways I never thought possible. I also met some amazing people who I hope will follow me over to my new blog. This blog helped me when I was down, it has some of my worst pain encapsulated in it. I’m in a different place now though. I’m almost done with my graduate program in counseling and I’ve come a long way. I’d like to share what has worked for me in my most anxious and turbulent times. I’d like to share how I deal with my anxieties now.

I’d also like to offer up help and support to anyone who seeks it.

So please, join me on my next phase!


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