It’s a shame I can’t be more consistent with my blogging, but I try not to be too hard on myself. My moods have been all over the place lately. Most recently, yesterday, I was paranoid, suicidal and dissociating to an extreme. Derealization and depersonalization became a constant. At one point my vision became blurred and I felt content to sink faster into nothingness, let my body go vacant. Wait for someone more capable to come and take over.

Have you ever felt unwelcome in the body you’ve always been told is yours and yours alone? The anxiety builds and my skin crawls, like I’m an intruder in this place and it’s real inhabit is ready to return. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to know you should be breaking through this shell, content to be weightless among a dense sky, brilliant and fleeting. But something went wrong, you can’t seem to break free. This heavy flesh weighs you down and you fear it will become your tomb. Each day your brilliance shines a little less, each day you pick hopelessly at this pelt, pinching, biting, scratching. Knowing it’s not what you were meant for. Knowing you are alien to this body and it wants you out of it just as much as you do. 

Until one day you just stop shining all together. 



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10 responses to “Alien

  1. hellokalykitty

    *hugs*. Disassociation is a really scary one for me.


  2. *hugs* I can’t do anything but offer sympathy. And compliment you on your writing. Have you thought of writing this into a story?


  3. Really feel for you….{{{Hugs}}} x


  4. Very painful to read. There must be some resource in your area where you can get the therapy you so desperately need right now. As you know therapy won’t magically make your symptoms disappear, but it may help you with thought process and self harm. In the meantime, I send you my love. You are in my thoughts and prayers (if you believe in prayer, otherwise read that as what I mean, which is you are loved).


  5. I am sorry! Don’t apologize for not posting, I rarely post, myself. You are the driver, here.


  6. This is you’re space and you’re shining brighter than you think you are :)


  7. Hey, Hope you’re doing ok. Well, more than ok,


  8. It happens. Sometimes I dont blog for days. If you ever have a string of posts though, you can schedule them to publish as well.


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