Could use a little help & opinions!


Hello to all of you! I wanted to start off by saying that I am eternally grateful for all the love and kind words I received from you guys on my last post. Not a single one of them went unread or unloved. Thank you. <3

In my flighty and nonsensical mind I made a decision to start up a line of sugar and salt body scrubs that have a focus on good mental health. I’ve been doing my research and there isn’t really anything of it’s kind out there, as in a line of bath and body products that’s pro-mental health awareness. I’d like my line to evoke good feelings in those of us who are over stressed and different than those weird normals around us. For example, I plan on making a body scrub that uses calming scents and colors to use during a time of great stress or anxiety with uplifting messages on the bottles. 

Would you guys, those with mental health issues, be interested in this type of product or would you not care about the mental health spin on it? Is it something you would buy? Also, I’m at a loss for a name right now so any ideas would be great!

I thank you all for your feed back. I’m definitely in an upward slant right now, which is evident by my incessant questions and sudden decision to start a business. I am praying that this time I don’t lose my passion as I always seem to. I’m hoping this can be something that holds my heart and my attention. 



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35 responses to “Could use a little help & opinions!

  1. I will be giving this some serious thought and get back to you on that.
    Teela <3


  2. V

    I think there will definitely be a market for this and not just among people with mental health issues. I see this being good even for people who are merely stressed


  3. I second that ! This is great. Original, thoughtful, awesome , and hell ya I would buy it !
    Imagine if a small percentage went to mental health research ?
    Will put some thought into it .
    And just a little sidenote: I have definitely had thousands if projects and ideas I’ve begun but lose my interest or steam in maximum a few weeks.
    Like a botany online course I signed up for lol. Ya.. I worked on it for 2 weeks..

    Anyway- good on ya. I’ll try to help any way I can. : )


    • I was also think of donating money to mental health ! Though I’d have to wait till I actually got some sales as etsy takes a percentage too and oils aren’t cheap :/
      Thank you ! I’m glad you do this as well. I think it relates to our inconsistent sense of self. Though I did manage four years non stop of college so I’ve got to have some ability !


      • Yes ,you’re right. Donating money is way down the road , and not the focus right now. That is my ADD mind jumping around. ☺️
        Yep, I would say that if you can go to school for that long , which probably wasn’t always fun- you can do this, which is all for pleasure.

        Beauty for brains ? That’s what came to mind. Will keep thinking.
        Each one could be something different .. Like ” relaxing ____”, stress busting ____, calming chamomile , balancing _____.
        Lavender will probably be a big one ! Jasmine is a favourite of mine.
        I’m big into essential oils. I have one of those melter pots where the tea light sits under and warms the oil. It’s my favourite.
        You have some guaranteed sales here !
        There is a new awareness that natural skin care is much much better and just as effective as chemical laden expensive products. I worked in a health food store , and we sold hypoallergenic makeup and scent free stuff, etc. big sellers !
        K I’ll shut up now. : )


      • No need to shut up ! I love your ideas. I bought lavender essential oil immediately ! I always breathe in dried lavender before I sleep.
        Do you like the name “Mind-Full Comforts ” ?


      • It really does help. Scent is strongly tied to emotion.
        And yes ! I really do like the name.
        It’s good to ask people’s opinions , since the general public are the people who will be buying the stuff.


  4. I would focus on emotional well-being so as to market to both “normals” (if they do indeed exist, everyone has issues) and to those with mental health issues. The tie in to a cause is a great idea. People like to do good.


  5. Yes! I love this idea! I’m always reading lists of This Scent will help with That Problem and That Scent will help with Other Problem, but it’s hard to put it all together on your own.

    And re: losing steam… I do that too. So many grand plans, so many drafts, so few completed projects. This year I’ve been attempting the slow and steady approach, which is frustratingly slow when I’m in an upswing, and nearly impossible when I’m in a down swing, but the point is that I keep working on it, each day (or at least each week.) I hope your passion will help you maintain a steady level of energy for this project, cuz it sounds awesome!


    • Thank you ! I’m glad I’m not alone in this. That’s great you keep pushing on, I’ll definitely come to you for motivation when I’m ready to just dust off my hands and move on. I know that I need to stick with what I start !


  6. I love the idea too!
    I also agree with Kitt that it would reach more people if you focused on mental well-being.
    Messages on the bottles also sound great!
    I hope it all works out for you, it is a great idea :)


  7. Mandi

    I love it! Your ideas are great, colors and scents etc… when I’ve been in the hospital they’ve always talked about those kinds of things being really helpful. We always loved the messages on the inside of the Snapple lids! :) A little different… but shows that people like little surprises like that!
    I agree with Kitt, there are lot’s of weird normal people :) that I’m thinking would be more drawn if the intent was broadend. It would be awesome if the “unaffordable for the majority” mental health or rehabilitation centers would pick it up!
    Good luck!!


    • Thank you very much ! Yes I plan on being subtle with the mental health aspect so it’s open to all interpretations but I will put whether the scent is good for anxiety, depression and so on. Every one deals with those issues !


  8. Yay for upward slant!

    I think this is a great idea. If the packaging is attractive and has the right wording, I’d definitely go for something like this. Names… I’ll have to think for a bit. Would all depend on the branding. Feel free to bounce any ideas off here!


  9. Sunshine

    Great idea! You might want to look into places that either treat people or women’s centers as a start up for them to accept your product and distribute.. just a thought. <3


  10. There’s a thing called aromatherapy! Badgerbalm makes some aromatherapy products. I’ve never tried them myself though. I’d be willing to give it a try. And, it’d be cool to see a pro-mental health awareness twist. :)

    It’s interesting that you breathe in some lavender before you sleep. I think I should get some lavender oil for those can’t-fall-asleep nights. :P


  11. You might look at positive affirmations vs a direct mental health issue. You could have national resource info on the back packaging. There are a lot of speciality scrubs and aromatherapy, you you have to make your’s stand apart. If money weren’t an issue you could hook up with Joyful Heart or Rape Crisis line and give a percentage of proceeds. That goes a long way. When I shop I always try to find the product with a charity component. Hope that helps. As a user of that type of product, the right texture and best essential oils are very important. Talk to you later. I just saw your Etsy comment , great idea. lots of traffic.


  12. This is a good idea. You would need to think up a cool name. Maybe “Ambivalence soap” or “Self-soothing salt” ? Hehe :)


  13. memyselfandmymentalillness

    It’s a fantastic idea, one part of everything that I struggle with is the inability to relax, so if you could market it in the right way, stress relieving and relaxing but in a different way than other brands I think would be brilliant. Also teaming up with a charity, to raise awareness and possibly even money would just be a fantastic opportunity. good luck, hope to buy some one day! xx


  14. Night queen. My favorite scent, the night jasmine. One thing I have to say is that when I am actually upset, I am not going to get into the bath or put on lotion. For me, a spray or an oil would work better. I know this might up your cost, but it depends on what you use, but if you had some sort of cheerful little collectible on the bottle, or in it… even a bead.. just a thought.


  15. Hil

    I really love this idea. One of my favourite ways to calm my mind and de stress is to have a bubble bath (and wine too of course) but I would definitely purchase a product like this. Some cute packaging, homemade product, encouraging words and you’ve got a great little business for yourself. I love the name mind-full comforts. It pretty well sums up the purpose of the product while being unique. Stick to it, girl if this is a dream of yours. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a great track record, things don’t work out for a reason and maybe you just haven’t found your niche yet.


  16. I think it sounds like a great product line! (and I loved MissIllness’s Beauty For Brains name idea so much!) You could also try to sell them at farmers markets, places like that. (I know etsy and the internet can be hard to sell on sometimes just because of the overwhelming amount of sellers and products).

    Regarding phases, my friend and I have been discussing this at great lengths lately. Most people struggle with this, we jump from obsession to obsession. (our world is so large and varied, how can we not?!) Sure, we can regret our past now-dead passions OR appreciate that we loved something/doing something, even if it didn’t last forever.


  17. from my friend, the optimist:

    “YES, life is full of phases and I am more and more realizing that if you’re happy with going through them and rolling with it then you will be happy.

    its great to keep yourself fresh with new education, not just formal education but going to new experiences, learning about new things. it keeps us alive and vibrant.

    i think that comes back to the phases of life thing, new obsessions and new things in our lives are just a way for the world/universe to keep us alive and not become sedentary “


  18. I’ve found that the tricky thing is to ally essential oils that are really good for mental health (clary sage, for instance) with ones that actually smell nice. Clary sage is supposed to be brilliant for depression, but I’ve never been able to stand the smell long enough for it to work…

    As for messages, I think it’d be cool to add a sticker with a different message to each one, maybe? Stuff like “you deserve a break” or something. Pastel colours are the ones that calm down and lighten moods the best I think…. good luck!


  19. Yeah this is great idea. As someone already suggested, chamomile, lavender and jasmine are great scents. I’d like to add that patchouly is a calming scent. It’s the kind that people usually associate with hippies, but it’s a very earthy scent. I burn patchouly-scented oil to calm down.


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