And so the mighty fall and I have fallen hard

Gravel between my fingers and dirt in my teeth

It takes so little to knock me down one thousand pegs to where I belong

My body thrives on self loathing, my bone marrow is genuine disdain

My heart pumps no blood, it survives on disgust alone

My skin is flimsy and easily penetrated, porous and thin 

It soaks up guilt and judgement til I am full and tight with self-deprecation 



Filed under Mental Illness

13 responses to “fallen

  1. Manic Cotton Candy

    I like this. I’ve been feeling full of unexplained anger as well recently.Cheer up buttercup!


  2. Hold my hand for we can walk together.


  3. That is a very good poem. Very visual.

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  4. borntomakeanimpact

    Beautiful but sad. You do not belong in this place. You are worth so much more. <3


  5. Falling seems to happen so easily and getting back up is so difficult. Why do we then feel guilty and beat ourselves up about it? It’s a vicious cycle, but knowing we are not alone with these feelings does help. ♥


  6. I hear ya! It’s easier to get down in the dumps than it is to be optimistic. I’m always somewhere in between optimism and pessimism. A few times a week, I’m always more down than up. Moods are complex.


  7. Once again a post I can really relate it! It sounds so aggressive and painful, well described. Thanks for sharing :)


  8. hey, i know you probably have more than 200 followers but i just really like your blog and i don’t know of many, so i nominated you for a Liebster award. Hope that’s ok!



  9. Hang in there…hope you feel better soon!


  10. Hopefully these are only temporary feelings or ones on a cycle.


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