It’s April 15th and on a manic whim I’ve decided to sign up for the blogging challenge on the daily press. I’ve got tons of energy and creativity and it’s about time I focused it in. Also, it’s a lot easier than running which I have also started doing for no good reason at all. I’d rather my brain ache then my thighs. So, the first challenge is to write down three goals for my blog..hold on..wait..I think there’s still some sangria in the fridge..No it’s gone.

Anyway, When I started this blog I had absolutely no intention that anyone would bother to read it, but I’ve since been proven wrong. I began with a hope that I could reach a few people, make a couple nice friendships and at least enlighten one person what it’s like to live every day with mental illness. Since then I’ve become a little hungrier and have more aspirations for this tiny blog. I’d like to grow this blog into a full blown website of my experience with mental illness, my advice for fellow sufferers and their families, and well placed resources.

My plan three goals for this blog are as follows:

I’d like to have 500 followers by the end of the summer.

I’d like to establish a weekly advice post where readers can ask me questions over the week about my experience or questions about mental illness and I’ll answer them publicly.

and finally I’d like to be able to get a real domain for my blog.




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11 responses to “#blogging201

  1. Art Mowle

    Great news! Wish you luck…


  2. Hil

    This sounds interesting… I’m intrigued, I must find out what this blogging challenge is. Good luck on your goals!
    Also, congrats on starting to run, I know it sucks but it’s so good at the same time, right? ;)


  3. Good for you, on all counts, running included. I can’t bring myself to run to the front door when someone rings the bell. I think these are great ideas. Great post.


  4. I thought I might help in getting your goals up and running (pardon the pun). :D
    Please accept the “I am part of the Word Press Family Award”

    This is a VERY EASY Award, just pick 10 people. I ask you keep the quote in.
    Should you not accept could you PLEASE pass it onto a friend who will… as per Shaun, the creator of the award, :)


  5. Woo go you. I look forward to reading your advice/question blog x


  6. I like your goals. Good for you. I think the weekly advice blog is an exceptional idea in particular.

    I have tried a couple of forums for peeps with BPD but they are not very consistent in activity (go figure….lol). Something that has content and consistency would be beneficial for all concerned.

    Good luck.


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