Spring Time Fat Ass


I don’t think you’ll find many people as absolutely psyched that the weather is finally in an upswing. It’s been so fickle here I began to worry Mother Nature was a borderline, but actually she’s just a bitch. I’ve been trying my luck at getting a tan since I’ve heard from a few sources that I look “sickly” and “discolored”. It’s not by choice, people! 

I’m struggling a bit with my weight right now. I don’t know how or when, but all of a sudden I’ve been hit with ten extra pounds. I seem to actually lose weight in the winter and gain it in the spring and summer. I’m holding back the urge to just take a butcher knife to stomach. I know, that’s absolutely extreme, but I think it’s clear by now that I err on the irrational and extreme side. The correct way to go about this would be to work out, stop stuffing my face and learn to give a shit. That’s way more difficult of a thought for me than carving myself up. What does that say about me? Of course this has to happen to me when I finally get the chance to do some modeling. 

Alright, enough of my whining. I really do complain an epic amount, now I feel like I wasted your time if you just read that. If I could send you all three dollars in exchange for your lost time.





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11 responses to “Spring Time Fat Ass

  1. hellokalykitty

    Lol. I’m Irish and I have been trying to tan for the last month (I live in fl and it’s been sunny). I have also been trying to combat the “sickly” look. I think it’s been effective. Love the purple hair :)


  2. Sunshine

    Canadian Mother nature is in a crack house here… we still have 1 foot of snow to melt… boo hoo…can’t even get rid of boots…


  3. Don’t we all want to have that stomach fat surgically removed? I had even scheduled an appointment with a plastic surgeon this week to discuss liposuction, then cancelled thinking it ridiculous of me. All I have to do is eat less and exercise more. But, it was far easier to stay slim before psychotropics messed with my metabolism.


  4. I’m Irish by birth, but having spent half my childhood summers and the past 11 years living in the south of France, I’m quite satisfied with how I tan. Except for my face. I don’t tan there, I freckle, and not in a cute way.

    As for weight: drink water and juice instead of soda, eat fruit as a snack, and learn to make smoothies (there are youtube videos), and go for walks in the park. If you can get organic food, you’ll eat less anyway (it’s REALLY filling), but it’s expensive according to where you are. And remember that big can be beautiful. You’re pretty anyway, so you’ve nothing to worry about. :)


  5. Epic complaining is a must at times. :)
    Not ever a waste of time to read.


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