My journey with borderline personality disorder

Please feel free to ask any questions or give me advice for my next video! :)



February 23, 2014 · 12:11 pm

9 responses to “My journey with borderline personality disorder

  1. question: what advice or info do you have for people who have a friend or partner with bpd? or what would you like them to know/keep in mind about bpd?


    • Thanks for the question :) I’ll make a video answering it soon. briefly though, I think people who are dating or care about someone with BPD need to keep in mind that we can be like scared little children. We are easily hurt, and we’ve been invalidated in our past. We require patience and above all else, understanding.


  2. Love it! Everything you said is true for me too.


  3. Karyn

    Excellent vid..Very relatable..I am glad you are talking about it..I am blogging now l guess it’s somewhat cathartic, but also to meet others who truly understand. Question did you go through a traumatic event that maybe caused the BPD or made it worse? Thank you!


  4. Hey, just to say I think it’s great that you’re doing this. I know how much courage it takes to talk about this kind of thing, because I’ve recently started doing it too (I’m clinically depressed). I understand the need to do it, as well – you’re basically taking something negative and turning it into something positive by making it visible to people who need to know. I know very little about BDP, but this helped me understand it a bit better. Thank you.


  5. Well done. You said that you can sense other ppl’s feelings, etc. question: can you tell when a person is “full of shit” or that is self motivated? I find that I can feel others emotions along with the “negative” ppl. Then it comes down to trust. Ugh. Great vlog!


  6. I like to do crafts when im bored and need to take my mind off things :)


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